Gender Bender Anime (2)

EP 20/20
A Disguised Princess

A Disguised Princess

"Ken always disguised herself as a man. She was totally confused about why she got entangled with that man. Prince Milton: Do you think I will let you go after what you have done to me? Listen, you are my princess now and you must obey me!"
ONA 8 min/ep 2021
Butterfly Lovers: Butterfly Dream (Dub)

Butterfly Lovers: Butterfly Dream (Dub)

Set in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Zhu Yingtai is a young lady from a noble family who disguises herself as a man in order to study. On the way she meets Liang Shanbo and they become sworn brothers. Yingtai falls in love with Shanbo, but Shanbo always thought that she was a guy, and when he FINALLY finds out that Yingtai is a girl, her parents have already arranged a marriage for her... This Chinese legend is equivalent to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. (Source: misOramen)
Movie unknown 2003

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